Airplane Baby Spoon Collection

Airplane Baby Spoon Collection


Fun Feeding with the flying spoon!

Airplane Baby Spoon Collection

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming in for a landing. Please put the child seat in an upright position and keep your mouth wide open."

Done! Despite turbulence, the peas landed safely in the tummy with a lot of fun and thanks to The Airplane Spoon -  the wooden plane with a firmly fixed spoon. This makes feeding and eating a fun experience for all concerned!

Available in 4 colours.



Material: wood, stainless steel

Size: approx. 13 x 7.3 x 4 cm

Colours: Red, Yellow, Turquoise or Dark Blue and natural wood. Stainless steel spoon.

**Please Note - Don't put in Dishwasher - Hand Wash only.**

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Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Dark Blue

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