Blue Dot Oven Dish Small

Blue Dot Oven Dish Small


From Oven to Table with style – choose the Classic blue Dot with Sprig edging, the Blue and Green delicate leaf pattern or the pretty Green and White Floral.

Blue Dot Oven Dish - Small

This famous stoneware comes from Boleslawiec, in south west Poland. Each piece is hand-painted and hand-stamped to produce beautiful and unique patterns - the most famous of which is the blue polka dot design.
It is remarkably sturdy and chip-proof.  It is oven, Aga, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Because of the density and high quality of the stoneware, the heat is held for longer in the dishes and is therefore ideal for use from oven to table.

This pottery is so durable, it can be used as your everyday dishes!

It's also lead and cadmium free.


3 patterns available - Classic blue Dot with Sprig edging/Blue and Green Leaf pattern/Green and White Floral pattern

Round, 2 handled oven dish.

Height: 5.5 cm
Length from handle to handle: 25.5cm
Diameter: 21.5cm

Certified for use up to 240 degrees

A few recommendations when using - 

Use oven mitts - It may sound obvious, but the dish gets very hot
Preheat Oven before use
Avoid drastic temperature swings such as:
Do not put a hot dish straight from the hot oven into a sink full of water!
Do not put a cold dish into the hot oven or microwave!
Do not put a hot dish on a cold countertop!
Do not wipe a hot dish with a cold wet cloth!

Do not put pottery on direct heat source such as:
Do not put on gas or electric hob.

A little more information...

Bolesławiec or Polish pottery is the collective term for fine pottery and stoneware produced in the town of Bolesławiec, in south-western Poland.

The art originated in the late Middle Ages, but it fully developed in the 19th century and has continued ever since. The scope of the stoneware ranges from teapots and jugs to plates, platters and candelabra. The pottery is collectively known as "Polish stoneware", as it became one of Poland's unofficial cultural symbols. The durable and functional creamy white and blue stoneware pieces are unique and easily identifiable. Ceramics and pottery are a definitive part of the identity of the city of Bolesławiec (Bunzlau). The town itself is often called Miasto Ceramiki (Town of Ceramics).  The ceramics there have been produced there for over a thousand years.

The geography lends itself to ceramic work as the area is rich in natural clay deposits; the clay is still excavated today. The clay is plentiful and of extremely high quality. It has a high feldspar and silicon content, and is classified as stoneware after firing. It is fired at extremely high temperatures, around 1100-1300 degrees Celsius. The clay is brown to grey in color, and rough in texture compared to finer claybodies such as porcelain.[8] Stoneware is sturdy and vitreous to semi-vitreous and porous when fired. Glaze can be applied and the piece can be re-fired to create a watertight surface.

Polish Pottery is hand crafted with pride at many small manufacturing companies in Boleslawiec, Poland. All of the pieces are hand painted, using sponge stamp and brushes to paint the art on each piece. All of the patterns are hand-cut by the artists in the sponge and then they use the sponges and brushes to apply the unique pattern to each piece. Sponges are used because they keep the paint wet for a long time, allowing the artist to slowly go around one piece at a time, stamping a unique specific pattern. Several of the artists will create the initial pattern and hand paint a pattern, so all of the artists know what each pattern will be and can keep a similar style to the completed pieces

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Blue Dot with sprig, Blue and Green Leaf, Green and White Floral

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