Clean Slate Scented Candles

Clean Slate Scented Candles


The perfect credentials for a scented candle, by Clean Slate – aesthetically pleasing, high quality Soy wax, Irish and eco-friendly.

These are lovely Little Luxuries for everyday use.



Clean Slate Scented Candles

These gloriously scented Irish-made Clean Slate candles are something really special. The amber glass jar is apothecary inspired; simple, gender neutral, and reusable, making the candles suitable for everywhere (and everyone), from cool coffee tables to bohemian bedsides. The candles are made with 100% soy wax making them friendly for both you and the environment.

Available at The Old Mill Stores in a range of delicious scents - see descriptions below and drop down menu to make your choice.

  • Winter Fig - A fresh woodland scent, infused with Cedarwood essential oil and sweetened with fig, ideal for burning all Winter long. This candle is subtle enough to use at the table, so invite, engage and indulge this Holiday Season.
  • Gather - Make your home inviting with warm orange clove and myrrh. Getting together is what makes Christmas special. A time to make time. To enjoy old traditions and make new ones. Even if you can't gather this year this candle is a nice reminder of future festivities to come...
  • Cardamom Spice. The spice of cardamom forms the base for this candle. With notes of ginger and nutmeg essential oils, it manages to be both exotic and homely at the same time. Evoking memories of creations in the kitchen, this is a warm, inviting, stay at home fragrance.
  • Patchouli + Rose geranium - Not your typical rose candle at all, it harmoniously blends musky patchouli with sweet rose geranium to create a hedonistic and intoxicating scent. A perfect feminine bedroom fragrance for a sophisticated floral lover.
  • Lavender + Eucalyptus - A restorative and relaxing scent, evoking images of freshly laundered linen and plump downy pillows. The healing and cleansing elements of eucalyptus oil is blended with soothing lavender oil to create a unique combination. Clear your senses and sleep deeply.
  • Espresso + Coconut - A rich blend of dark roasted coffee beans enhanced with a hint of sweet coconut. This strong and delicious scent is good for large spaces and makes a perfect day time candle. Bring out the afternoon treats and your inner Barista
  • Tuscan Grove - Lose yourself in a wander through citrus groves and rolling hills.  The scent of fresh oranges and woody honeyed amber are carried on a warm breeze.   Under the pergola the air is heavy with the sweet perfume of orange blossoms in full bloom.  This scent is a magical evening with a contented heart and velvety sunset.
  • Dusk - Featuring Sandalwood and Tonka Bean to release a sophisticated and luxurious scent.  Warm, relaxing sandalwood is balanced with rich, creamy tonka bean with mild notes of cedarwood & patchouli. Divine, perfect at the close of a long day!
  • Greenhouse - This is the scent of Summer; deliciously earthy and vibrant candle. Aromas of Tomato Leaf combine with leafy Bamboo and fragrant basil essential oil. Bring the summer garden indoors.
  • Jasmine and Lemon - A fresh uplifting scent, pairing delicate climbing jasmine with a burst of refreshing lemon. This candle is like sipping iced lemonade on a breezy, sunny terrace.  Perfect for summer evenings.

All products are made in small batches, hand poured and finished with love and care in the maker's workshop.

These are lovely Little Luxuries for everyday use.


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Winter Fig, Gather, Lavender + Eucalyptus, Espresso + Coconut, Tuscan Grove, Greenhouse, Dusk, Patchouli + Rose Geranium, Jasmine + Lemon, Cardamom Spice

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