Five Drawer Chest with Zinc Top

Five Drawer Chest with Zinc Top


Industrial-style 5 drawer storage unit – Reclaimed hardwood & zinc metal sheeting top.

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Five Drawer Chest with Zinc Top

Chest of drawers from our Factory collection. The storage unit has five drawers with vintage shell-pull handles. The zinc top (reclaimed) gives the piece a more authentic industrial look and feel. The drawer unit really is multi-purpose - ideal for storing clothing, bedding or for kitchen use for plates, cutlery, tea towels or utensils.  It would make a lovely alternative to a kitchen island in a compact space.

Dimensions - Ht 80 x Wth 80 x Dpth 45cm



-Wipe down periodically with a slightly damp cloth or dry duster.
-Occasionally apply wax to the wood to create a beautiful shine and a natural protective finish. It also prevents the wood from drying out.
-Mineral oil can also be used in place of wax - using a cloth. This will build up over time to produce a protective surface.
-Avoid all cleaning tools with a rough surface.
-Avoid polish or cleaning products containing silicone, which can dry out natural wood over time.
-Do not use detergents or any cleaning products

A little about The Factory Collection:

The factory wood/zinc collection is made from 100% recycled wood and repurposed zinc sheeting.
Materials are sourced from old buildings and abandoned factories which are being demolished.
Reclaimed wood comes from their floorboards, wall panels and roof structures.
The wood has a full medium to dark patina from years of use.  Similarly the zinc  - because it is pre used - has an aged patina so isn't perfectly 'polished'.

The timber is a mixture of local hardwood  - the exact type depends on location of the building - hardwood was always considered  high a quality and long term material.
Every item in this collection has a FSC-recycled label.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization which sets the international standards for responsible forest management worldwide. Trees and wood products that are processed according to those standards can obtain an FSC-certification.
Regular inspections are done by independent certification companies. Products that have a FSC-logo give consumers a guarantee that no illegal or unsustainable logging has taken place in the making of that product.

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