Jam Jar Candles Collection

Jam Jar Candles Collection


A beautiful scented gift of nostalgia!

Jam Jar Candles Collection

The Jam Jar Collection, by Irish candle makers Field Day, was inspired by the women behind the business' memory of making rose-petal perfume in jam-jars as kids - which, lets be honest, never quite delivered on the aroma-front!  Instead of making your own, take a trip down memory lane with Field Day's favourite wildflowers and plants captured and poured in a pretty, reusable, quilted glass jar.

And the added bonus? When your candle has finished you have a jar for a bunch of pretty wildflowers or for storing herbs or spices or anything that takes your fancy.  But wait, there's more - each candle is topped with a Wildflower Seed Paper Lid, which you can grow in the jar or plant pot after your candle is finished.

Scents include - Buttercup, Chamomile, Clover, Geranium, Moss, Nettle and Mint and Rosehip.

CANDLE SIZE 105mm x 70mm


Candle-burning tip - keep the wick trimmed before each use to prevent guttering and uneven burning.

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Buttercup, Chamomile, Clover, Geranium, Moss, Nettle and Mint, Rosehip

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