Luggage Rack Coat Hanger

Luggage Rack Coat Hanger


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Luggage Rack Coat Hanger

This sturdy coat rack is made from recycled wood and is inspired by the racks from old train cars. The top is ideal for storing all your gloves, hats, or even your shoes, or finish your entrance stylishly by placing plants or flowers on the shelf. With 8 large hooks, there is more than enough space for the whole family to hang several coats.


Dimensions - Width84 cm Depth32 cm Height25 cm

8 metal hooks - can be moved on hanging bar

Specification - Handcrafted reclaimed and waxed wood and metal frame

 A little more information -

Made from 100% recycled wood and strong tubular steel frame.
Wood comes from old houses which are demolished & broken down abandoned factories.
Reclaimed wood comes from their floorboards, wall panels, and roof structures.
The wood has a full medium to dark patina from years of use.
It is a mixture of local hardwood which is depending on the area/region where the building stood.
Hardwood was used as a quality and long-term material.
Every item in this collection has an FSC-recycled label.

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