Ottolenghi Sicily Vase Collection

Ottolenghi Sicily Vase Collection


Ottolenghi’s Sicily Vase Range features exuberant hand-painted ceramic vases that capture his exuberant cooking style and the passion of Sicily for Ivo Bisignano, the sculptor.  Not to mention their riffing on the traditional “teste di moro“, the ancient Sicilian ceramic heads that feature in the most recent White Lotus.

Ottolenghi Sicily Vase Collection

The creative collaboration between celebrated chef Yotam Ottolenghi and his good friend, artist Ivo Bisignano, and Serax of Belgium, is on-going.  This time it has led to four exuberant hand-painted ceramic vases. With the Sicily vase collection, they journey from the table to the outside. ‘In Sicily, where I grew up, you eat at the kitchen table while enjoying the view of the colourful balconies with their magnificent flowers and of course their teste di moro’ (pots and planters adorned with Moorish faces) says Ivo Bisignano. Sicily captures Ottolenghi’s exuberant cooking style and is simultaneously an ode to the sun, colours and passion of Bisignano’s birthplace.

Vase 1 Queen Fish: Ht 28cm X Lth 38.5cm X Wth 20.5cm

Vase 2 King Fish: Ht 34.5cm X Lth 27cm X Wth 27

Vase 3 Knight Fish: Ht 52cm X Lth 26cm X Wth 17cm

Vase 4 Lady Fish: Ht 35.5cm X Lth 25cm X Wth 16cm

A little more information:

These wonderfully surreal vases play on the ancient ceramic tradition of Sicilian crowned ceramic heads, locally known as “teste di moro“ which featured prominently and symbolically in the latest series of White Lotus which was set in Taormina, Sicily. They are firmly embedded in ancient Sicilian tradition and behind their colour, vibrancy and human traits they hide a dramatic love story based on passion, jealousy and betrayal.

***Here's one version of the story - warning, not for the faint-hearted...

The first legend tells us about a love affair between an aristocratic beautiful Sicilian woman and a beautiful Arabian man. They had a clandestine love for many years.  Then one day, the woman's family found out their secret. The family felt a huge shame for their love. The woman's family decided that the only way to save their family honor was to kill both and expose their heads on their balcony. After they did so and some time passed, the heads started to deteriorate. The family then had 2 ceramic vases custom made depicting the tragic couple's faces, so that their heads could be on display forever.


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1 Otto Queen Fish, 2 Otto King Fish, 3 Otto Knight Fish, 4 Otto Lady Fish

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