Porcelain Bird Soy Sauce Dispensers

Porcelain Bird Soy Sauce Dispensers


An elegant addition to the dinner party table!

Porcelain Bird Soy Sauce Dispensers

These are exquisite!  The collection of mini works of art from Japan comprises 4 Bird designs, each with its own unique characteristics.  They're handmade porcelain and have been produced in the Arita region in the western part of Saga Prefecture, which is famous for the craft.  Arita ware has been in production for over 400 years.

The particular soy sauce dispensers were first produced around 1980 by Ryuichi Tokunaga, the fourth generation of the Kouraku kiln, which has been operating since 1865 without the kiln fire being extinguished.  Even as recently as the 1980's it  was revolutionary for Arita-yaki porcelain to design a specific vessel called a soy sauce dispenser.  So you could say they broke that particular mould!


Materials: Japanese Porcelain

Designed as stand alone soy dispenser - no saucer needed, and non drip or spill design

Size :

Large - Angry Kingfisher/Kawasemi (D) 6.5 cm x (W) 9.0 cm x (H) 9.0 cm.  Capacity 120 ml.

Medium - Green/Wheat/Hollyhock - Length (D) 5.0cm x Width (w) 7.0cm x Height (H) 7.5cm Weight: 100g Contents: 75ml

Origin : Made in Kouraku kiln, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu Japan.

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Kingfisher, Green Trellis, Hollyhock, Wheatsheaf

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