Saints Pop Icons

Saints Pop Icons


Saints Pop Icons

These eye-popping Icons by Italian designers Santhonoré offer an interesting (and sometimes tongue in cheek) take on saintly powers – Full details below…

Also available in Miniature – selection of 6 saints.


Saints Pop Icons

These eye-popping Icons by Italian designers Santhonoré offer an interesting (and sometimes tongue in cheek) take on saintly powers.  While the designs do actually draw inspiration from Christian tradition and do acknowledge each saint's iconographic traits - they've been reimagined as latter day Pop Icons.

The current Saints Collection features only female figures faces, enhancing the delicate lines of their visages through the use of bright, yet subtly feminine colours. Each drawing captures an extraordinary richness of detail - in the garments and in the background blaze of colour, to pay homage to long-invoked figures such as Sant'Agata, Santa Giulia or Santa Filomena.  These beautifully designed icons are set to become collectibles - for for true believers and art & design aficionado alike.

The Saint Pop Icons literally 'pop' out or their package - they are easy to hang on the wall with a simple nail or screw.  Each has its 'Protective Qualities' displayed on the back, in English and Italian.  Also available in Miniature - selection of 6 saints.

Saints at The Old Mill Stores
  1. Sant'Agata - Patron saint of the breast, nannies, nurses and fabric dealers. Invoked against fires and environmental disasters.  One saint for a wide range of situations: with Agata you can't go wrong!
  2. Sant'Anna - Patron saint of mothers and pregnancy, invoked in case of difficult childbirth.  Offers special protection for all the mothers!
  3. Santa Filomena - Invoked by students coming up to an exam. She is also the patron saint of children and youngsters.  Throw your school books out the window - Filomena will look after you!
  4. Santa Barbara - Patron saint of architects, sailors, firefighters, weapon-smiths and miners. Invoked against thunder, lightning, fire and explosions.  If fire is a feature of your life or you're a fisherman or sailor, Santa Barbara is your woman!
  5. Santa Carolina - Patron saint of teachers, professors, instructors and educators.  Stuck for teaching inspiration - get Carolina on the case!
  6. Santa Tecla - Patron saint of computer technicians and Internet users. Invoked against bone diseases.  If you are here, on this website, you might need Tecla!
  7. Santa Giulia - Patron saint of limbs and invoked to heal disorders of the hands, arms, legs and feet.  Hands up who doesn't need Santa Giulia?
  8. Santa Rita - Patron saint of lost or apparently impossible causes. Invoked against marital problems. Rita a believer in the silver lining!
  9. Saint Teresa - Patron saint of writers and religious people.  Keep the faith!
  10. Santa Veronica - Patron saint of laundry workers, linen dealers, photographers and fencers.  Get the best out of that selfie with your very own personal assistant!


Size: W/Ht/D 24/24/1 cm (W/Ht/D 9.45/9.45/0.4 inches)

Material: Medium Density Fibre board

Additional information

Saint's Name

Agata, Anna, Barbara, Carolina, Filomena, Giulia, Rita, Tecla, Teresa, Veronica

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