Sheila Maid Ceiling Clothes Airer

Sheila Maid Ceiling Clothes Airer


If the size you require is out of stock please email us at [email protected]

stating your preferred size (1.45, 1.83 or 2.14 m) width (ie. 4 or 6 laths) and colour (Black or White) and we will contact you when back in stock – which is usually every 3-4 weeks…


Replacement ROPE also available in drop down Menu below.  Contact us for extra double pulley.




Sheila Maid Ceiling Clothes Airer

'The Eco Way To Dry Each Day'... And free shipping!

The Sheila Maid hanging dryer is the Original and Iconic brand leader. The kit comes complete with Timber laths (4 or 6 in chosen length) Rack ends, Single and Double Pulley, Cleat hook and a standard 10 metre cotton rope. It is available in 2 colours, 2 widths and  and 3 different lath lengths.

By using a 'Sheila Maid®' ceiling airer, you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money. No more expensive tumble-drying, and no more 'cooked' clothes. A Sheila Maid makes the most of the warm ceiling space in you home too

The Sheila Maid® uses the original curved shape cast iron rack ends that have been a part of traditional households for over 100 years.

We offer either a 4 or 6 Rail Version of the Sheila Maid®.

The 4 rail Sheila Maid® is 39.5 cm or 15.5" wide.

The 6 rail Sheila Maid is wide 56 cm or 22" wide. The 2 extra rails will give you 50% more drying space!

There are 3 set lengths to choose from: -   1.45 m/57"    1.83 m/72"     2.13 m/84"
The wood used for wooden rails or laths is carefully selected from sustainable resources, from FSC managed forests.The wood is specially kiln-dried and given no further treatment. This provides you with a durable rail that will stand up to many years of drying.

Choosing a colour means selecting the colour of the cast iron parts (rack ends, pulleys and cleat) you would prefer. The 'Original' Black is the first Sheila Maid® produced and remains the most popular.  White is the other option available here at The Old Mill Stores

Optional Double Pulley - Some customers opt for an extra double pulley and there is good reason for this: If your clothes airer is installed some distance from a wall, the rope will need to travel from the Sheila Maid to the cleat (where you fix the rope in a 'figure of eight') to secure your Sheila Maid®. An additional double pulley can be fitted further along the ceiling. This will lift your rope out of the way, allowing it to travel along the ceiling rather than across the room, until it reaches the cleat on your wall. This is especially useful if your cleat cannot be fixed close or, if you are installing a Sheila Maid® on to a sloping ceiling.  Email us if extra double pulley rerquired. [email protected]

Not suitable for concrete ceilings.



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1.4m Black 4 rail, 1.4m Black 6 rail, 1.4m White 4 rail, 1.4m White 6 rail, 1.83m Black 4 rail, 1.83m Black 6 rail, 1.83m White 4 rail, 1.83m White 6 rail, 2.13m Black 4 rail, 2.13m Black 6 rail, 2.13m White 4 rail, 2.13m White 6 rail, Replacement Rope, Double Pulley Black, Double Pulley White

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