Splash! 10,000 years of swimming

Splash! 10,000 years of swimming


Splash!  A multi-tiered tour through religion, fashion low and high, architecture, sanitation and public health, colonialism, segregation and integration, feats of aquatic endurance, terror of the deep, sexism, sexiness, guts, glory and much, much more.  Who knew?

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Splash!  10,000 years of Swimming

From the first recorded dip into what's now the driest spot on earth to the recreational swimmers in your local pool, humans have been getting wet for 10,000 years. And for most of modern history, swimming has caused a ripple that touches us all. Splash! dives into Egypt, winds through ancient Greece and Rome, flows mostly underground through the Dark and Middle Ages (at least in Europe), and then re-emerges in the wake of the Renaissance before taking its final lap at the modern Olympic Games.

Along the way, it kicks away the idea that swimming is just about speed or great feats of aquatic endurance, revealing how its history spans religion, fashion, architecture, public health, colonialism, segregation, sexism, sexiness, guts, glory and much, much more. As refreshing as jumping into a pool on a hot summer's day, Splash! sweeps across the whole of humankind's swimming history with an irrepressible enthusiasm that will make you crave your next dip.

'This fascinating history of how, where and why humans swim...is perfect reading for those missing a splash-about during the lockdown.'- Guardian.


Author: Means, Howard

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781911630814

Pages: 336

Dimensions: 216x138mm

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