Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder


Watch the birds eat at a very close range out your kitchen, bedroom or sitting room window. You simply attach it to any flat window with a suction cup and fill it with some yummy seeds or fat balls. Make sure ALL parts are freshly cleaned, including the window before putting in place. Made of UV resistant recyclable PP plastic and silicone.

Presented in (recyclable cardboard) Gift Box

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Window Bird Feeder

This cleverly designed feeder can be attached to any flat window pane thanks to its innovative double-sided suction cup. The carefully selected materials mean the Bird Feeder can cope with even extreme temperatures and UV rays.  If looked after it will give years of pleasure.

It is designed especially for smaller garden birds and to exclude the larger varieties.  A hole in the bottom of the feeder provides drainage so seeds, nuts or prepared bird feeding balls stay fresh whatever the weather.

A few tips on mounting and caring for your bird feeder...

The consists of 2 half orbs which clip together to make a see through sphere, the perch or stand for the feeding birds is then clipped into place, then bird feed added.  Most importantly -  the window or flat shiny surface you're attaching the feeder suction cup to should be perfectly clean and dry before attaching it!

CARE - The feeder should be dismantled, washed in warm mildly soapy water then dried thoroughly every three to five months - on the one hand to preserve the material and on the other hand to make the birds feel comfortable! The Bird Feeder is also dishwasher safe. If washing by hand, do soak the suction cup in hot water for a few minutes - this will give it its shape and strength.

Award-winning design
Swedish designer Pascal Charmolu was awarded the Design Plus Award 2009 for this lovely original design and nominated for the German Design Award 2010 and it's still going strong.

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