Scandi Chic on the Wild Atlantic Way
Ballo toilet brushes by Normann Copenhagen

100% design! Even the toilet brushes have had the Danish treatment courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

Folding, hanging beater by Normann Copenhagen

A whisk like no other. Danish of course!

Scandi-Chic has become something of a by-word for what’s desirable at home.  But just what is it about Scandinavian design that makes it so perennially popular? Is it that enviable combination of elegant restraint and ingenuity?  Or maybe it’s the timeless nature of Scandi styling that turns our heads, again and again and again.  Or could it be the ‘quality’ with a capital Q and the ergonomic nature of the furniture and accessories that make them so desirable?

carafe and glasses

French style Danish carafe and glasses combined

Old Mill Stores1950's wood burner

Danish 1950’s wood-burning open stove. Beauty, simplicity and functionality. Warmth guaranteed too!

Whatever the appeal, Scandinavia in general, and Denmark in particular, has become synonymous with classic design and high quality for home.  It’s easy to believe that ‘Design’ is now Denmark’s number one export.  It seems that design-awareness is something Scandi-kids grow up with, so enshrined is it in the core values of the Scandinavian psyche.  This practically innate respect and awareness breeds further development that keeps the industry vibrant and the designs cutting edge.

What’s it all about, Scandinavian Design?  In a nutshell it follows the Bauhaus principle – ‘long lasting design in quality materials’.  Scandinavian Design Classics are styled to withstand the test of time, never look dated and remain in practical use decade after decade.

But why am I telling you all this?  Because we like, no we love, our Scandinavians here at The Old Mill Stores.  We’ve been selling restored antique Stoves (See lovely wood-burner right) for nigh on 25 years now and house an eclectic selection of Scandi homewares and accessories on our shelves for everyone’s delectation.

Where to shop for Danish design?  Well, The Old Mill Stores of course…

Goose feather lampshade on tripod lampstand

Vita Eos shade and tripod stand. Goose feather goes all Scandi!

vase and nightlight holder, white ceramic with green glaze inside

Is it a vase? Is it a candle holder? It’s both!

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